[Rumor] It is rumored that the new iMacs may come with USB 3.0 and FireWire 1600 and 3200. Some say this is false but I think it’s true.


Manage Google Voice from your phone – m.google.com/voice

Update: SoundHound Version 3.3 available now in the App Store or iTunes – http://bit.ly/9z4uk3

Amazon Kindle has a new price tag of $189. The change comes the same time as Barnes and Noble lowered the price of the Nook.

Microsoft Kinect will cost $150 by itself and only $100 if bundled with an Xbox 360. New Xbox 360 versions pricing: $149, $249 and $299.

iOS 4 update is available today. Make sure you back up your phone first.

Adidas Star Wars Video!

Star Wars fans check out this Adidas video featuring: Snoop, Daft Punk, David Beckham and more. Nice video editing!  – http://bit.ly/cJN9kX