About Tech 4 You

About me:

My name is Bryan Sanders. I am a 35 year old tech lover from Northern, California. My passion is technology. I am very honest and would never give false information on purpose.

Blogging is a hobby of mine that I wish would become a full-time job. I know I am not an English major but I try my best and I am learning.  There is a lot of information out there to share since new technology is released daily. I can tell you that this blog is produced by myself and I will never spam or link malware in my posts.

I recently graduated with an A.A. Degree in IT- Visual Communications. Due to medical conditions I am currently unemployed and searching for a job. I can no longer work at a physically demanding job.

I am in search of a desk job preferably in a technology related field. I would love to be an editor with CNET, Wired Magazine or maybe work for Revision3 reviewing technology. I would love to travel to conferences and get paid to play with new gadgets.

Finding a job in this market is the worst I have seen. No luck yet. If you are hiring or know of a job please let me know. I am also up for a start-up and would love to chat with others who share my passion for technology. My goal is to have podcast videos, blogs, and other tech related information to share with the public.

About this Blog

I created this blog to bring you the viewer the latest news in technology. I use a lot of resources to gather my information and then I take the most relevant or interesting stories to share with you. Some of my reports may only be rumors, but rumors can be exciting too.

I post to this blog in my free time and do not get paid. I put in many long hours and late nights to gather all of my resources. I did not think blogs would be this involved when I first started. My blog is from a non-professional point of view.

Feel free to add any comments or correct my posts if you feel you have better information or a better source. Please inform me of dead links so I can update or delete them.

I thank you all for viewing. I truly appreciate all of your visits and comments. Enjoy the blog. 🙂

Note: Most of my posts are written from my iPhone while I’m in bed so they may contain many grammar and punctuation errors. Sorry in advance.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Bryan. I would love to chat with you. Is there an email. Can reach you at?

    • I hate to write my email address on here since spammers will find it and send me junk mail. Do you use Twitter or Facebook? I wrote you an email I hope I have the right address. Hope you had a pain free day.

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