Safari 5 and Reader

I downloaded Safari 5 Tuesday. So far I have to say it is speedy!! The claim is that  Safari 5 is faster than Chrome and Firefox. This might be true from what I have seen. I did some personal test and pages loaded very fast. I use pages like for my tests.

The best part of  Safari 5 is Safari Reader. If you visit a cluttered Web site with articles that you want to read you can use Reader to get rid of the clutter. Reader will show you only the text and important parts of the article cutting out all of the ads and other media cluttering in the original article. There are more cool features to check out. Visit the Safari page for more details.

Visit this Web page for tips on how to use Reader and examples. The page itself is also ‘Reader’ friendly so you can try the Reader feature to see how it works.

How to use Reader page:


Safari 5 and 4.1 for Tiger

Safari 5 and Safari 4.1 for Tiger are available for download now. You should be prompted to download the update but if you are not go to the Apple Safari page and download it here –