Verizon iPhone – No thanks!


Before you drop AT&T iPhone 4 for the Verizon iPhone 4 you may want to think twice.

1. Verizon iPhone will not handle data and voice simultaneously.

2. While using the Verizon iPhone as a hotspot you will not be able to accept or place calls.

3. Verizon plans and features may cost you way more than AT&T.

4. If you switch from AT&T to Verizon you may have to pay an early termination fees to AT&T, activation fees to Verizon and taxes. Is it worth it?

5. Verizon will be hit with all of these iPhones clogging their network and AT&T warns that Verizon service may be “slow”. We will see.


*I’m not pro AT&T but I just think that the Verizon iPhone had too much hype for nothing. The iPhone 4 is old news.


AT&T FAIL in Downieville, California

By Bryan Sanders posted August 03, 2010 at 01:12AM

Another AT&T FAIL

I recently took a short trip to Downieville, California. My family had a small family reunion going on there. Downieville is located deep within a mountain range so I expected some loss of signal. All of us who made the trip had our cell phones handy.

During the trip, I thought I would take some pictures and video to upload to Facebook and email to family who didn’t make the trip. The whole 3 days we were there, those of us with AT&T had no service written on our phones (as pictured below on my iPhone).

One of my family members did receive and make calls off and on. His carrier is……..Verizon! We went to a local store and asked the locals if cell phones worked in the area. One of the locals told us that the town only receives weak signal from Verizon. My family happens to be loyal AT&T customers so we were screwed.

My trip wasn’t ruined but it did put a damper in my plans. I could not blog, play game applications such as Words with Friends, and I did not receive email or texts. Our plans between four different parties were ruined due to a lack of communication since cell phones were down. We had no way to communicate with one another and update our location status.

I have never felt so lost. No internet, no Wi-Fi, and no 3G……what am I supposed to do? I never knew just how much I depend on my iPhone and my AT&T service. I take it for granted since I live in a great reception area. I had no idea just how out of touch with reality I was being in the mountains. It feels good to be back and have working technology again.

My iPhone was basically a digital camera and video camera the whole trip. The only application (that I own) that didn’t depend on a connection to work was Angry Birds. AT&T… have failed me again!!

AT&T Wireless Class Action Settlements

By Bryan Sanders updated Jul 15th, 2010 at o1:09AM

[Update] The Settlement appears to be legal. If you Google the following you will find many links to this Class Action Settlement:

Google – “at&t wirless class action settlement 2010”

Just received this in my email inbox. I am not a lawyer so I am just sharing my email with the masses to keep you informed.

Legal Notice

If You Were an AT&T Wireless Customer After March 1, 1999,
You Could Receive Benefits from Class Action Settlements.

Para ver este aviso en español, visite o llame 1-866-249-8109

Subject to Court approval, settlements were reached of class action lawsuits against AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. (“AWS”) regarding challenges to: (1) charges for mMode Data Service (“mMode”) and ENH Discount International Dial (“EDID”), if they were unauthorized or not understood; (2) charges for cellular telephone calls during a billing period other than the one in which the calls were made (“Out-of-Cycle Billing”), if not understood; and (3) imposition of Universal Connectivity Charges (“UCC”), if not understood (collectively, “Settled Claims”). The Settlements concern practices of AWS, which was merged out of existence in 2004, not Cingular Wireless or AT&T Mobility. AWS denies any wrongdoing, but settled to avoid further litigation.

You may be a class member if you:

  • live in the U.S. or its territories, were an AWS subscriber after December 20, 2001, and were billed and paid, but not refunded in full, for mMode or EDID;
  • live in California, initiated AWS service under a “One Rate-type” plan after March 1, 1999, and were charged for calls during a billing period other than the one in which the calls were made; or
  • live in the U.S. or its territories, were an AWS subscriber after March 1, 1999, and paid, but were not refunded or credited, for UCC charges.

You may be a member of multiple classes.

If the Settlements are approved, Class Members may receive:

  • mMode: $8 check
  • EDID: $10 check
  • Out of Cycle Billing: $8 check or 250 minute AT&T Phone Card
  • UCC: $7 check.

Who represents you?
Class Members are represented by Arias Ozzello & Gignac, Foley Bezek Behle & Curtis, Breskin Johnson & Townsend, the Houck Law Firm, and Sundeen, Salinas & Pyle. Class Counsel will request the Court to award attorneys’ fees and expenses, which will not be paid by Class Members or from class benefits.

What are my Options?
To receive benefits, Class Members must submit a Claim Form (available at or 1-866-249-8109) by February 13, 2011.
You may exclude yourself from the lawsuits and keep your individual right to sue AWS, by sending a written request for exclusion to the Claims Administrator by September 29, 2010. If you do not exclude yourself, you will be bound by the Settlements’ terms and give up your rights to sue regarding the Settled Claims.
If you do not exclude yourself, you or your lawyer may appear before the Court and object to the proposed Settlements. If you choose to appear through an attorney, you are responsible for paying that attorney. Objections must be filed and served by September 29, 2010. You will be bound by the Settlements’ terms even if your objection is rejected.
The Court will determine whether to approve the Settlements at a Fairness Hearing on November 15, 2010 at 12:00 noon at the United States District Court for the Central District of California at 312 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, California 90012, Courtroom 5.

This notice is only a summary. For further information visit:

, call: 1-866-249-8109, or write: AT&T Wireless Settlement, Claims Administrator, c/o The Garden City Group, Inc., P.O. Box 9482, Dublin, OH 43017-4582.

Please do not reply to this message. We are unable to respond to inquiries sent in reply to this email. For more information, please visit the official Settlement Website at


The United States District Court for the Central District of California, Western Division, has ordered this email notice be sent. If you wish to UNSUBSCRIBE from future email messages please reply to: from the email address to which this notice was sent.

Class Action Lawsuit against AT&T and Apple

A lawsuit against Apple and AT&T over their exclusivity contract has been granted class action status, meaning it now includes anyone who bought an iPhone between June 29, 2007, and present day and signed up for AT&T service. (Court Filing PDF)

The heart of the class action suit, which was originally filed in October 2007, is whether consumers who entered the two-year contract with AT&T did so knowing that they were actually entering a de-facto five-year contract because that’s what the AT&T-Apple exclusivity agreement has been reported to be.

Apple has never publicly stated how long its exclusivity contract with AT&T is, though a five year time period–first reported by USA Today back in 2007–was recently confirmed through court documents related to this case.

This story was originally published, under the headline “ Lawsuit against Apple, AT&T exclusivity wins ‘class action’ status ” at ZDNet’s Between the Lines.

American Eagle Free Smartphone Promo

American Eagle has an awesome new promotion going that will land you a free smartphone! If you try on a pair of jeans at an American Eagle store, you will receive a code from one of their employees to redeem for a free phone plus a $25 AE Money Card. The promotion is only for customers who try on jeans between July 21 – August 3. Read the AE Press Release here for more information.

The catch is that you have to sign-up for a two-year contract with one of the selected carriers. The carriers listed on the promotional website I visited were: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. I believe each state has different phones to chose from and different carriers. American Eagle claims there are 40 different phones to chose from including Blackberry and Android phones.

Note: The promotion may be different in each state. I only saw 5 different phones including: Motorola, LG and HTC phones on the website I visited. American Eagle claims to have 40 different phones to choose from including Blackberry. When you chose a phone they will ask you for your zip code to see if you have coverage in your area.

Featured Phones Available (*The website I visited)

*HTC Aria

*LG Ally

*Motorola Cliq XT with MOTOBLUR


*Motorola DEVOUR Silver

There may be more but I did not see them.

Visit the American Eagle Promo here

Browse through the models of available phones here

Goodbye AT&T and iPhone 4

Goodbye AT&T…

When I heard that the iPhone 4 was going to be announced at the WWDC10, I was ecstatic. I looked at my iPhone 3GS and said “it’s been nice little buddy”. I had plans to sell my iPhone 3GS to a friend of mine. When the pre-order date came, I went online to buy a new white iPhone 4. I searched Apple and AT&T and saw that only the black version was available. That was strike one.

Strike two came just minutes later. Since the white color was unavailable I decided that black would be fine. I went to the AT&T Web site and tried to order the iPhone 4 in black. I kept receiving error messages and I never was able to get through to order the iPhone. I also received the text back from AT&T telling me that the small discount on the latest iPhone wouldn’t be available until January 2011. Someone out there was telling me something. I gave up on trying to purchase an iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 started shipping. Some lucky buyers received their phone two days early and for others the phone arrived right on time. Excited fanboys and fangirls waited in lines for hours just to get their new iPhone 4 on the release date. Some were turned away and others could not upgrade. Within hours there were display issues, antenna issues, iMovie issues, and iBooks issues. Little by little the problems piled up and the iPhone 4 had lost its reputation. It was kind of sad since Apple is known for releasing quality product.

AT&T was also increasing their bad reputation with their confusing iPhone 4 sales and poor customer service. To top it all off,  I hear that Apple knew about the antenna issue and it seems like they rushed the phones out knowing they had problems. There is a software fix coming but I really doubt this software will fix the antenna issue 100%. Strike 3, you’re out!

It is rumored that Steve Jobs has said “not to hold the phone that way” and  “relax, it’s just a phone” in emails. That really rubbed people the wrong way. For many our iPhones are our businesses, primary phones, and we depend on our iPhone to make a call.

Say you fell down from a stroke and tried to call a family to tell them what has happened. You are laying on the ground and can only hold your iPhone 4 the “wrong way” and it drops the call. Then seconds later you pass out. This is just one example of what could happen. There are moments where our cell phone call is our lifeline. The call is urgent or very important and we want to know our phone will make that call.

I love my iPhone but with all of this happening I think I am ready for a switch. I am paying $98 for an AT&T plan just to have an iPhone 3GS with unlimited text. I only have 450 minutes of talk time. I see Sprint offers an unlimited plan for only $69 and they have the EVO 4G plus other 4G phones coming soon. If you are a Sprint customer, let me know how much an unlimited everything plan is with an EVO 4G. Android phones are starting to catch up with the iPhone and that may be my next purchase.

iPhone coming to Verizon in January?

According to the latest Bloomberg report; Verizon Wireless should start selling Apple’s iPhone in January. With the release of the new iPhone 4, this could be a smart move. Even with all of the negative feedback lately on the antenna issues and shattered screens, people still want an iPhone.  AT&T is all that stands  in the way of huge masses of people from switching to an iPhone. The bad part is that users will have to choose from the Droid X or the iPhone 4 which are both great phones.

Apple introduced FaceTime at the WWDC10. Many people cannot use FaceTime because their family and friends are on different carriers who do not offer the iPhone 4. If the rumor is true and Verizon does sell the iPhone 4 this will be a dream come true for many.  AT&T will lose a large percentage of their customers who will migrate over to Verizon. We will see what happens. There have been too many Verizon/iPhone rumors to count.

Keep your fingers crossed!