Droid Doesn’t: Droid X self-destructs if you mod it

Droid Doesn’t

If you were thinking you were going to buy a new Droid X and mod it, you might want to think again. There is an eFuse tampering-countermeasure system. Basically the eFuse causes a bricking of your phone and renders it useless. If bricked the phone requires a hardware fix that is only available through Motorola. Wah…wah…wah.

Wat does the efuse do?

If the eFuse fails to verify this information then the eFuse receives a command to “blow the fuse” or “trip the fuse”. This results in the booting process becoming corrupted and resulting in a permanent bricking of the Phone. This FailSafe is activated anytime the bootloader is tampered with or any of the above three parts of the phone has been tampered with.


Dismal Sales Killed Microsoft KIN

Did you know that Verizon had Microsoft’s KIN phones for sale a few months ago? No….well neither did the rest of America! It is rumored that Verizon only sold just over 500 KIN phones. There are other reports that KIN sales were greater than 1000. Either way that is horrible! As you know Microsoft has already eliminated the KIN. Microsoft’s is now focusing on making the Windows Phone a success.

Do you think the release of the iPhone 4, the EVO 4G and the upcoming release of the Droid X sold at Verizon had something to do with the poor sales? The KIN was supposed to attract the younger crowd that wants to share their experiences and thoughts via social networks. I guess a few teens actually fell for KIN’s ads on television and just had to have one. The rest of the teens are saving up their allowance and eagerly waiting for the new Droid.

Maybe Microsoft can sell all those leftover KIN phones to BP so they can fill in the giant failure hole spewing oil. By this time next year National Geographic will have pictures of kids in Third World Countries using the KIN as a play toy.

Motorola Droid X releases June 23rd

Verizon’s Motorola Droid X will release June 23rd. It has a 4.3″ display, HDMI output and it captures 720p. It should be able to run Adobe Flash.