Firefox 10.0 Now Available For Download/ Update

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Opera Mini 5.1 for Android

The wait is over. Opera Mini 5.1 Final for Android is here. For those who don’t know: Opera Mini is an alternative browser for your Android device. Opera Mini can also be set as the default browser on your Android device. To visit Opera’s Blog post on Opera Mini click here.

Opera Mini is available on over 3000 devices with over 61 million users world wide. One of the most common Opera Mini requests we have received during the last few months has been a final version of Opera Mini for Android. Today the wait is over as Opera 5.1 Final reaches Android devices near you!

Since the beta, Opera Mini has improved rendering to make browsing look better on high-resolution devices. Text is legible even when zoomed out. In addition to your favorite features such as tabs, Speed Dial navigation and Opera Link, surfing with Opera Mini is smother with improved kinetic scrolling.

Opera Mini can also be set as the default browser on your Android device, making it easier to launch webpages from outside of the browser.

Since Opera Mini uses Opera’s compression technology to shrink pages before they are sent to the phone, using Opera Mini will result in faster page loads — especially when using slower 2G or crowded WiFi connections. And the smaller data bills aren’t a bad thing either!

By Aleksander Aas. Wednesday, 14. July 2010, 06:35:00 (My Opera Blog)

Perfect Browser Version 4.6 in the App Store

By Bryan Sanders posted August 28, 2010 at 12:25AM

Perfect Browser 4.6

Are you tired of using Safari or Opera Mini browser on your iPhone and you’re in search of a great alternative browser? Look no further: Perfect Browser is a great looking browser that is packed full of features.

PERFECT Browser Version 4.6 was released today in the App Store and on iTunes. The latest version includes: Performance Enhancements, iPhone 4 Retina Display Optimized, and much more (see below) . PERFECT Browser costs $0.99 cents but it is well worth it. Download it and give it a try.

What’s New In Version 4.6

NOTE: Some preferences and rendering mode will be reset.
✔ Performance Enhancements

✔ iPhone 4 Retina Display Optimized

✔ iPhone 4 Rapid VGA Output

✔ 10x Deeper Zoom

✔ Save Web Page now supports saving PDF files offline.

✔ iTunes USB Transfer: backup bookmarks, download saved pages/pdfs.

✔ iOS 4 Private mode Fix. Tabs are cleared on pressing the home button

✔ Private mode: Two privacy levels, with Cookie Blocking.

✔ Rotation Lock Fixes

✔ Clear cache, Clear history buttons added to settings

✔ Scroll to top with the title bar (when time bar is turned off)

– Font size buttons are now shown in Landscape

– “Load homepage in every new tab” setting

– Added Cookie Accept Policy settings
– Fixed URLs from relaunching and added confirmation message
– Lots of bug fixes

We’d love to hear what you like the most in this new version.

★★★★★ Happy ratings keep the updates coming! ★★★★★

(Perfect Web Browser iPad version is also available now.)

– iOS 4 Multitasking
– Save Webpages
– Multi Touch Gestures
– Auto Scrolling

What’s New In Version 4.5

IMPORTANT: Requires iOS 3 or higher. Fresh installation strongly recommended. (Reinstalls are free in the app store)

✔ iOS 4 backgrounding enabled. Tabs don’t reload on startup.

✔ Save Webpages (Offline bookmarks)

✔ Bookmark Sub-folders

✔ TOUCH Scrolling (enable hyper scroll, hold on the buttons to scroll)

✔ Multi Touch Gestures

✔ Private mode toggle

✔ Major Stability improvements: improved from Ground-Up.

✔ Major Speed Enhancements and extensive code optimization

✔ Reworked UI: sharper, cleaner, sexier icons

✔ In App Email

✔ Address bar .com auto completion

– “Always load homepage in a new tab on start” option
– Auto enables Statusbar/Time Bar (can be turned off from settings)
– Fixed mailto links (invalid URL message)
– Hyper scroll toggle moved to settings
– iOS 4 related and many other bug fixes

(Perfect Web Browser for iPad is also available now.)



Perfect Browser provides UNLIMITED number of desktop browser tabs with advanced features like background tabs.
– Tabs are rendered simultaneously & asynchronously so it loads smoothly even while multiple tabs load.
– Hold down on a link to open in a new tab or a background tab.

– Get 40% more screen space compared to Safari. Utilize the full screen/

✔ ROTATION LOCKING (bed reading mode)
Prevent screen rotation when lying down. Rotation locking works on all devices.

Save web pages for offline access. Perfect Browser displays the exact web pages even with a lack of internet connection!

Perfect Browser can spoof user agent string and render web pages like the target browser of your choice: Chrome, Opera, Firefox or IE, with a startling 1:1 level of similarity! Websites shows up just as if you were surfing from a desktop.
Activate from Settings -> Desktop Browser Rendering.

✔ HYPER SCROLL (Full Precision Scrollbar)
Scroll through long web pages instantly and perform precision scrolling!
Simply drag on the scrollbar to scroll in the ENTIRE WEB PAGE. No more repeated swiping. Tap Settings and choose the option.

✔ TOUCH SCROLLING (Automated Smooth Scrolling)
With Perfect browser, you can scroll through a webpage by merely holding down on the up/down arrow buttons. (enable Hyper scroll first)

Perfect browser supports gesture recognition.

– 2 Finger Swipe left/right to switch tabs
– 3 Finger Swipe to go back/forward
– 4 Finger tap: Exit FullScreen
– 5 Finger tap: bookmarks.

Tabs don’t reload when switching between them, no matter how many tabs are currently open.

Adjust text size in a webpage for comfortable viewing experience.

Perfect Browser can compress web pages so you can surf the web 10 to 15 TIMES FAST and reduce data usage by a lot!
Eg: Wikipedia 336KB vs ~15KB

Perfect browser’s advanced caching system reduces load times significantly (as much as 30-40%) on frequently visited websites!

✔ IMAGE BLOCKING [OFF by default]
Block image loading for upto 8x faster speeds.

– Easily find text in webpages with BIG yellow highlighting.

✔ PRIVATE MODE [OFF by default]
Nothing is ever recorded and cookies are automatically discarded FOR PARANOID PRIVACY. To Enable Settings menu -> Private mode

Simply hold down on an image to save.

Perfect Browser barely uses any memory at all. No crashes or quitting when loading ‘heavy’ websites.

Access secure + https web sites.

Use perfect:// (see website)


✔ BOOKMARKS w/ sub folders

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Ubiquity 0.6 is released

Firefox Extension Ubiquity Version 0.6 ( is available for download. The latest Ubiquity is now on AMO and compatible with Firefox 4 beta 1. It is a great extension with a lot of potential.


And just when you thought we were dead… Ubiquity 0.6! Now on AMO and compatible with Firefox 4 beta 1!

What is Ubiquity?

Ubiquity is an experimental Firefox extension that gives you a powerful new way to interact with the Web. This extension allows for the use of dynamic commands in Firefox.

Download the Firefox add-on here

Opera 10.60 for all platforms is here (Video)

Opera 10.60 is now available to download for all platforms. Opera Browser is still claiming to be “the fastest Browser on earth” but now “is even faster”. Download Opera 10.60 here and you be the judge.

New in Opera 10.60

  • Our further-optimized JavaScript engine is over 50% faster than in Opera 10.50.
  • Enhanced support for advanced Web standards such as HTML5 and WebM video is now included.
  • Opera can prompt you to share your location, making geolocation-supporting websites more useful.
  • Search suggestions for selected providers help you enter find results more easily.

Layar Reality Browser – Augmented Reality software Version 3.6 in the App Store

By Bryan Sanders posted Sept 10, 2010 at 09:08PM

Layar Reality Browser 3.6

Layar Reality Browser – Augmented Reality Software version 3.6 was released today in the App Store. The latest version includes: New navigation, Better Search,  Save your favorite spots, and bug fixes.

You can use Layar to search for places like ‘McDonald’s’ and the browser will show a hamburger icon over the spot where the fast food chain is located. This is a Free application.

What’s New In Version 3.6

Find now all the content around you! With the new Nearby section, you’ll see a list of all popular Points of Interest from the various layers. Other changes:
– New navigation: Use the tab bar to quickly switch between Nearby, Layers, Search and Yours.
– Better Search: search for layers and spots nearby
– Save your favorite spots: In the Nearby view if there’s something you like, you can save it for later.
– Bug fixes

What’s New in Version 3.1.2

  • Fixed issues with iOS4, amongst which the map view and video playback
  • Bug fixes

*Important note: Layar Reality Browser uses a mobile Internet connection, camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer to function

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

Warning: Tabnabbing is on the loose

Warning: a new type of phishing attack called ‘Tabnabbing’ is on the loose. It’s like phishing within a browser –