How To Activate Your New iPhone 5 On AT&T



How To Activate Your New iPhone 5 On AT&T

How in the hell do I get service on this new iPhone?!!” This seems to be the question many customers are/were asking including myself. I ordered my iPhone 5 from AT&T and I am upgrading from an iPhone 3GS (yes I know). There were no clear instructions in the box on how to activate the phone and after trying on AT&T activation web site I had no luck. AT&T’s answer was to “plug it into iTunes”.

Some said to dial 611 from the iPhone 5 (which failed since there is no service), plugging your iPhone 5 in to your computer and iTunes (which did nothing). After looking through forums I finally found what worked for me after 2 days with no service. Follow the steps below. I promise you do not have to talk to a live person it’s all automated.

**Make sure you are using the most current version of iTunes which you can download HERE


Follow These Steps to activate your new iPhone in 5-8 minutes:

  1. Call 1-800-331-0500  ( 18003310500) – I used my home land line and you will press 1 a lot. Have your zip code and last 4 of your social security number handy. It asked me to okay an agreement …. blah blah… but then asked if the number I want to activate was my home number, you have an option to put in your cell number for your iPhone 5. Easy 2 minutes of your time.
  2. You are told “The iPhone will be activate in 5 minutes” and you will be prompted to power the device off and back on after 5 minutes. If that does not work try a reboot (hold the sleep and home button together, ignore the “slide to power off” and wait until the screen goes black and you see an apple appear then let go of the buttons)
  3. That should be it, you should have service. If not try turning off the phone for another 5-10 min and rebooting the phone again.

Hope this helped some but this may not help all. Just try power cycling and if nothing seems to work call for a live person at AT&T and they may have to check your iPhone plan and switch it to a 4G plan which should have happened when you ordered it. Each scenario may be different but so far this one seems to work best. Make sure you do try to at least plug the iPhone via USB/Lightning into your Mac/PC using the latest version of iTunes and follow the prompts.


*This Blog is no longer active after I became ill, I just thought I would help people out. Good luck!