iOS App Of The Week: Slice – Shopping Organized

iOS App of the Week

I downloaded the Slice app on my iPad a few days ago and so far I am very happy with the results. I had an eBay item that I forgot I bought that is still showing it is being shipped. I would have forgotten about it and if the item had never shown up at my door and would have never known.

This app will link to your email that you do your online shopping with and organize all your transactions into one organized place. This app has a simple, easy to read and use interface. The app does all the work for you by managing all of your online shopping from places like eBay, Amazon, Apple Store, iTunes and much more. No need to visit all of those web sites you bought from and check the order status and tracking info, just use Slice to see all your purchases in one convenient location. Very useful app and it is free!

To download Slice from iTunes click HERE


Information from Project Slice Inc/

Secure and Private
Slice uses the same encryption security as major US financial institutions. The only things we process are emails related to orders, shipping, and offers. No credit card data is accessed and no passwords are stored for any of your email or merchant accounts.

Always Up to Date
Using your inbox, Slice updates your orders and shipments automatically. So you’re always on top of that package that you really need or that deal that you don’t want to forget about.

Slice is a free service and we’re committed to staying that way for everyone, especially since we’re users ourselves!

What Slice Can Do for You

Slice is designed primarily for people that shop online frequently, but can also act as a backup tool for those of you who aren’t clicking the “buy” button quite so often. Check out some real-world scenarios below. If some of them sound familiar, Slice may be a good fit for you.
Buy from a variety of stores – We keep a record of everything you’ve bought, all in one place, and show all your in-transit packages on a single map.
Buy a lot for others – Holidays, birthdays, baby and wedding showers… there always seems to be an event to shop for. Slice makes it easy to remember what you’ve bought for someone in the past, and track when your gifts arrive.
Sometimes forget what you’ve bought or where you bought it from – With Slice, all your purchase info is in one place. No having to log into multiple merchant and carrier websites, dig through receipts, or manually file emails.
Like to manage a budget – Slice’s comprehensive info lets you see how much you’re spending on what. Unlike your credit card statements, Slice shows exactly what you bought, not just where you bought it from.
Find returns to be a pain – We’ll call up your receipt in a click, refer you to the return policy and give you the customer service phone number for major merchants, right within Slice.


Follow Slice on Twitter: @HelloSlice



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