Antoine Dodson – They Rape’n Everybody Out Here [Auto Tune Edition]

This is a very creative news clip that turned in to a song. It is made by The Gregory Brothers who also did the Double Rainbow song. Warning: It is catchy. I just thought I would share this since it is gaining popularity.

We gon’ find you….we gon’ find you…..hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide yo wife and yo husbands cuz they rape’n everybody out hurr…… lmao!



I just find this clip hilarious. This man is either insane, very hungry or was just in a really bad mood that day. Oh Canada…..and your crazy people!

The Best Video Clip from the World Cup Finals!

This was the most exciting video from the entire World Cup Finals. Way to go Jimmy Jump! Sorry soccer fans but the World Cup is boring. I couldn’t resist a little humor. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, I am just having some fun. Please stop the vuvuzela! lol

YouTube LeanBack and an Improved Mobile App

YouTube launched ‘Leanback’ which is geared more for TV use.  LeanBack will allow users to sit back and effortlessly enjoy videos tailored to your taste. YouTube is also relaunching YouTube Mobile with some improvements in video navigation.

YouTube adds a Video Editor

YouTube added a new cloud-based video editor tool. It features a drag and drop interface. The video-editing tools include trimming the beginning or end of clips, combining clips , and adding a soundtrack from YouTube’s  free AudioSwap music collection.

Visit the editor here –