The TiVo Slide Remote – I’m Buying One

By Bryan Sanders posted August 24, 2010 at 06:10PM

TiVo Slide Remote

I’ve been a TiVo user since the day they were first released at Good Guys back in the late 1990’s. I had a choice of the TiVo or a Microsoft DVR which never made it. I made the right choice. I fell in love with my TiVo. I was so excited about the technology that I told all of my friends and family about the TiVo. Nobody seemed to understand how you can fast forward, pause and rewind television shows. They kept asking me how the box can fast forward to the future. They just didn’t get it.

Fast forward to 2010. I now own a Series 3 HD TiVo and I still prefer it over my Comcast DVR. The TiVo works flawless and I have never had any issues with any of my boxes except the modem going out on my first gen box. Recently I saw a new toy for my TiVo that is a must have. It is a TiVo Slide Remote.

The new TiVo Slide Remote is a plug and play device. No set-up is required. It uses bluetooth which means you may now put the TiVo in a cabinet and the remote will still function. You can be up to 30 feet away from the TiVo and you don’t have to point the remote at the box for it to work like IR. The slide comes with a qwerty keyboard to make inputting ‘Wishlists’ and searches more efficient.

Note: The Slide Remote works only with Series 3 and Series 4 TiVo’s.

What is the TiVo Slide Remote?

Introducing the TiVo remote with a slideout keyboard.

The TiVo® Slide remote puts the full power of TiVo in the palm of your hand. Hidden inside its ergonomic, peanut-shaped exterior is a fully retractable QWERTY keyboard for quick and easy text entry.

* Finger-friendly slideout keyboard: Full QWERTY-format keyboard enables faster and easier text entry for Search, YouTube™, RSS and more
* More powerful signal: Built-in Bluetooth® provides increased range and strength to accommodate clutter-free setups inside cabinets
* One remote does it all: Learns commands for power, input, volume and mute directly from the remote controls of your TV and receiver
* Easy to use in a dark room: Light sensor automatically activates glow feature on backlit keys and keyboard, so you never have to turn on a light
* One-step activation takes seconds: Easy plug-and-play setup puts you in control in moments
* Compatible with all TiVo Series3™, TiVo HD/HD XL, and Premiere/Premiere XL boxes. (If you received your TiVo Premiere from RCN, check back for updates on the availability of TiVo Slide for your box.)


Google-Verizon network neutrality policy proposal – Voice your opinion

If you don’t like the Google-Verizon proposal you may comment and voice your opinion at – or to see facts about Google’s network neutrality policy proposal visit this address:

WordPress 3.0.1 update

By Bryan Sanders posted Jul 30th, 2010 at 04:27AM

Download the latest version of WordPress. WordPress version 3.0.1 includes fixes to 50 minor issues. Download here.

Diggnation Live in San Diego

By Bryan Sanders posted Jul 19th, 2010 at 06:52PM

Revision3 and Diggnation fans

If you missed the Live Diggnation at Revision3’s 5th year anniversary party in San Francisco, then here is a second chance to have some fun! Unlike the San Francisco event of ages 21 and up, this event is for all ages. Laugh your ass off with hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.

Diggnation will be filming live July 22nd, 2010 at  House of Blues in San Diego, CA. You can RSVP for the event via the Revision3 Facebook page here. The Totally Rad Show and others will make an appearance at this event. There will be a costume contest where those with the best costumes will win prizes. You are sure to be entertain at this Comic Con event.

Just in time for the San Diego Comic-Con, Diggnation is coming to San Diego for a once in a lifetime live show. Join Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht as they bring the unique Diggnation live experience to the mecca for geeks at one of the largest events of the year.

This event is ALL AGES and FREE to the public. Access to the venue will be general admission/first come, first serve – so if you want a spot, make sure you get in line early!

We’re excited to announce the first ever Revision3 Costume Contest!We know all you cosplayers out there come in droves to the mecca that is the San Diego Comic Con, and we want to see your best stuff!

Come to the Live Diggnation at the House of Blues IN costume, and you’ll be judged by our panel of celebrity judges. Finalists will get to come up on stage and a winner will be picked during Diggnation LIVE in front of the entire audience and there will be some really cool prizes, so make sure you look your best and bring your friends!

WHEN: Thursday, July 22nd

WHERE: House of Blues, 1055 Fifth Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101 map

For more information on the Live Diggnation click here

Blackberry Tablet in the works


A Blackberry Tablet is said to be in the works. It is rumored the tablet will have an 8.9″ screen, 2 cameras, a slide-out keyboard and it will support Flash. The new tablet is run off of Blackberry’s OS. More information coming soon.

Sony VAIO E Series Color Combo Notebook

Which colors will you choose? Sony launched a new website for their new VAIO E Series Notebooks. Express yourself through your notebook with over 25 color combinations to choose from. Customize and get creative with the colors of your notebook, mouse, keyboard skin and sleeve.

I think this is a truly unique idea and the move should appeal to the younger audience. With back-to-school time just around the corner, these notebooks should be pretty popular. Sony announced the new Color Combo E Series Notebooks in their blog.

Visit Sony’s new VAIO E Color combo site here

Google Maps New URL Shortener

Google Maps Labs launched a new feature which will soon become the new standard. The latest feature is a URL shortener called ‘Short URL’, found in Google Maps Labs. The Labs pop-up window which can be accessed when you click ‘New’ at the top right of the Google Maps page. Short URL works the same way as other URL shorteners such as Google’s short URL’s are hosted at ‘’.

The idea for shortened URL’s came in to play when Twitter was launched and their text box limited users to 140 characters maximum. The new Short URL feature will be helpful to share links to locations on maps with friends and family without all of the clutter of a normal URL.

If you have never used Google Maps Labs, it is similar to Google Labs for Gmail.Google Maps Labs has plenty of other cool features to play with. Check out this clip from Tekzilla and see a few of Veronica Belmont’s favorite Google Maps Labs features.


Directions from San Francisco to Sacramento, CA using the standard Google Maps email or IM link button:,+CA&daddr=Sacramento,+CA&hl=en&geocode=FVJmQAIdKAe0-CkhAGkAbZqFgDH_rXbwZxNQSg%3BFUS1TAIdgCTC-Cn5l4OycsaagDHbfxl0qmofkg&mra=ls&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=32.610437,56.513672&ie=UTF8&z=9

Those same directions from San Francisco to Sacramento, CA using ‘Short URL’ with the same link button (after checking enable in Google Maps Labs and saving your changes and a quick refresh) :

Google Maps Labs Functions:

Distance Measurement Tool

Measure the distance of a path on the Earth

Short URL

Shorten the Maps “Link” to be a more compact URL.

Show Me Here!

Adds an option to the context menu that lets you zoom directly to the maximum zoom level at the point under the cursor.

Drag ‘n’ Zoom

Zooming in on a specific part of the map is now fast and easy. Simply click the Drag ‘n’ Zoom button, draw a box on the map, and zoom! You’re there!

Aerial Imagery

Add Aerial imagery to the map! Aerial imagery gives you rotatable, high-resolution overhead imagery presented in a new perspective. Currently imagery is only available in certain areas, but we’re adding more all the time.

Back to Beta

Gmail isn’t the only one that can enjoy a BETA tag.

Where in the World Game

Test your knowledge of world geography! Guess the name of the country from satellite imagery, and try to beat your top score!

Rotatable Maps

Tired of North always being up? Add rotatable map types and give East, West and South a fair go.

What’s Around Here?

Adds a button that displays the most popular places in the current map view. A great way to browse the map.

LatLng Tooltip

Displays a tooltip next to the mouse cursor showing the latlng directly underneath it.

LatLng Marker

Adds an option to the context menu that lets you drop a mini marker showing the latlng of the position that the cursor was pointing at when the context menu was evoked

Smart Zoom

Ever zoom in too far and get the message “We don’t have imagery at this zoom level”? Ensure you don’t see it again, with Smart Zoom, which will check in advance what imagery exists, and ensure you can’t zoom in beyond it.

Google Labs

Google Maps Lab