Opera Mini 5.1 for Android

The wait is over. Opera Mini 5.1 Final for Android is here. For those who don’t know: Opera Mini is an alternative browser for your Android device. Opera Mini can also be set as the default browser on your Android device. To visit Opera’s Blog post on Opera Mini click here.

Opera Mini is available on over 3000 devices with over 61 million users world wide. One of the most common Opera Mini requests we have received during the last few months has been a final version of Opera Mini for Android. Today the wait is over as Opera 5.1 Final reaches Android devices near you!

Since the beta, Opera Mini has improved rendering to make browsing look better on high-resolution devices. Text is legible even when zoomed out. In addition to your favorite features such as tabs, Speed Dial navigation and Opera Link, surfing with Opera Mini is smother with improved kinetic scrolling.

Opera Mini can also be set as the default browser on your Android device, making it easier to launch webpages from outside of the browser.

Since Opera Mini uses Opera’s compression technology to shrink pages before they are sent to the phone, using Opera Mini will result in faster page loads — especially when using slower 2G or crowded WiFi connections. And the smaller data bills aren’t a bad thing either!

By Aleksander Aas. Wednesday, 14. July 2010, 06:35:00 (My Opera Blog)