Google-Verizon network neutrality policy proposal – Voice your opinion

If you don’t like the Google-Verizon proposal you may comment and voice your opinion at – or to see facts about Google’s network neutrality policy proposal visit this address:


Google – Historypin

Google has partnered with Historypin. Historypin lets users view Google Maps from the past and present. The maps allow users to upload or “pin” your own historical images to places on the map and share your stories.

Google Caffeine

Google rolls out their new and improved search index. Google Caffeine, the new and improved web indexing system that now powers Google (the world’s largest search engine) –


It had been a while since I visited and personalized my Google Personalized Homepage (iGoogle). Since then there have been some great new features. I was surprised that I like the page so much. I customized for hours yesterday.


I searched through many themes until I found the perfect match for my personality. I chose ‘spring scape‘. Spring scape is just like the themes in Gmail where your theme graphic is sunny and bright during the day and night during the night time hours. The time zone where you live must be set and in sync by you to work correctly.

My theme features a frog and a lady bug camping. At night the two are sleeping by a campfire one minute and awake with a flashlight looking scared the next. There are many themes to chose from and not all change graphics depending on the time. I spent a good hour browsing the themes.


Being that iGoogle is a customizable AJAX-based start page it really brings the homepage to life. The iGoogle gadgets interact with you the user and utilize the Google Gadgets API. Gadgets range from Twitter to Facebook to the news or just about any popular app or site you may use. My page for example reflects me and what I love. I have Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail all stacked so I can read them in one page. I have Twitter and Facebook. I have ready to go and I can post to all 6 of my social accounts in one text box. I highly recommend it and it’s free.

The home page is fully customizable allowing you to edit, delete, add or move the gadgets to any location on your page to your liking. Being a tech nerd, I have CNET news, Gizmodo, Digg,  Engadget, Mashable and a few other sites with top news topics easy to access. I’m sure i’m leaving out other coolfeatures but you get the picture.

I am really happy with Google and their progress over the years. I am an Apple fanboy and my iPhone and 27″ iMac are my babies. I’m not an Android user but I am curious since Google never lets me down in other areas. I use Google for everything else though. If you haven’t checked it out in a while or if you want a better homepage then try iGoogle

You can create your own work of art at –

Yahoo’s new ad takes a jab at Google

In a new ad by Yahoo they suggest that Google’s home page is boring, dull and lifeless. They also believe that Google’s home page send users on the way as quickly as possible. Yahoo’s commercial says that the Google page “doesn’t look back at you”…and “you come to this page to leave”. Yahoo believes they have your favorite things all in one place on their home page.

What do you think? Google or Yahoo homepage? I prefer a little of both.

More details and the Yahoo ad video here –

Google to sell Digital Books

Google has announced it plans to turn Google Editions into a digital book store. Google should start selling the digital books by this summer.