Google And Zynga To Join Forces


There is a rumor buzzing around that Google has invested 100 million dollars or possibly more in social gaming giant Zynga. Google plans to join forces and launch a social online game hub called ‘Google Games’. This could be a risky move this late in the game race. I am not sure if Zynga will launch games exclusively on Google Games which is the only way I can see this working in Google’s favor.

Zynga as you may already know is the maker of FarmVille, Mafia Wars, and many other popular social games. Zynga has games on Facebook and they recently launched their popular FarmVille game on the iPhone. Zynga also recently launched FrontierVille which is already gaining popularity.

There are no further details of which game titles Google will offer. I am not sure why Google waited this long to jump on the Zynga wagon. What tricks does the search giant have up their sleeve that will entice new users and Zynga vets to their site?