Zynga launches FrontierVille!

By Bryan Sanders update posted Jul 15th, 2010 at 06:57PM

[Update] FrontierVille Surpasses 20 Million Users

Zynga’s FrontierVille

Calling all FarmVille fans…. Zynga launches a brand new game called FrontierVille. FrontierVille is a western themed game similar to FarmVille but this time you’re a pioneer. The game is a Beta version at the moment so expect some bugs.

You start the game by customizing your character exactly like the one in FarmVille except you can choose western clothing. The game is set on your plot of land with a lot of trees, grass, a wagon, bones and more. You collect different items like coins, stars (XP) or a piece of pie buy clicking on the right interactive item. You can buy energy to clear more land.

The wagon is fully customizable to suit your style. You may also feed animals for coins and XP. Head to the market to buy animals, decor and other items to make your land look the way you choose. The point of the game is to clear your land and make land improvements.

There are also goals set for clearing land such as: clear 3 tall grasses and cut down 2 trees to gain bonuses. Beware of those pesky varmints like groundhogs and rattlesnakes that jump out and try to ruin your day. The game becomes RPG like by letting you punch the rattlesnake or groundhog to keep them from attacking.

So far it is a pretty fun game and since this is beta there will be improvements and bug fixes soon. Check it out on Facebook.