Is the New iPad worth the extra $100 over the iPad 2?

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Apple’s iPhone 4 fix: Free Bumpers

By Bryan Sanders posted Jul 16th, 2010 at 04:22PM

Apple Press Conference for the iPhone 4

Jobs: “Hey, let’s go the cheap route…….ahhh…… bumpers?”. Apple announced today that all iPhone 4 owners will be receiving an iPhone 4 protective case called the bumper for free. Apple did say that the bumper will solve the dropped calls and lost signal issue. What about my iPhone 3GS signal issue with your latest update Apple?

The bumper reminds me of condoms. They come in many different colors and you wear them for protection, but what if you don’t want to wear one? Not everyone is comfortable with a silly colored protective case on their iPhone 4.

I do applaud Apple for their efforts of doing something to help their customers. What still makes me mad is that the iPhone 4 sold millions of units to which a lot of people were sold on the phone’s looks alone. “Just look at this gorgeous piece of art with a stainless steel band you will never get to see once you are forced to use a bumper”.

Question: What if there is a bumper shortage? Do people have to wait months and still have dropped calls in the meantime? It could get to point where Apple is out of the black or white bumper and the only option is hot pink. Not cool.

Breakdown of the Apple Press Conference

  • Free bumpers for all iPhone 4 owners or a refund for a previously purchased bumper
  • If you are not satisfied with the free bumper and you still do not like your iPhone 4, you can get a full refund or trade your iPhone 4 in for another one
  • iOS 4.0.1 was released yesterday and this software fix only gives the phone taller bars and adjusts the algorithm to better report the actual signal

Apple Waives Their Restocking Fee

Apple has decided to be more “customer friendly” and waive the $30 restocking fee that they normally charge for a returned iPhone. This comes in lieu of the  iPhone 4 and its well-known antenna issue that is causing dropped calls and a loss in signal strength if held incorrectly.

You only have 30 days to return the iPhone 4 and avoid the restock fee. If you like your iPhone 4 and are not sure if you should keep it or not, Apple says a software fix is on the way. It is rumored that the software fix will not resolve the antenna issue 100%. We will have to wait and see. Until then you can buy a bumper for an outrageous price, put tape across the cuts in the side or “hold it the right way”. What a joke, I’m glad I saved my money.

Want to test your FaceTime?

Do you have a new iPhone 4 and you’re dying to try FaceTime but you have nobody test it on? “Who you gonna call?” Call 1-888-FACE-TIME and try it out with an Apple Rep.

iPhone 4 Bumper: made just for antenna issue?

Apple may have already known about the antenna issue on the iPhone 4. That is probably why they are pushing their Bumper so heavily! Did you see Apple push a protective case with the iPhone 3GS?

HTC EVO 4G and the Apple Fanboy


I am an Apple fanboy who is trying to be more open-minded towards Android phones. I currently own an iPhone 3GS which I love and have on me at all times. I use my iPhone for everything. Before the announcement of the iPhone 4 I was thinking of trying an Android phone.

Recently I have been hearing more and more positive feedback on HTC’s Android phones. I saw the HTC Nexus One and heard great reviews on it. I also really like that they have interactive or live wallpaper (backgrounds).

Then I saw that the HTC Incredible was the phone to beat. The Incredible seemed to have it all. I started thinking that maybe it was time to move to an Android phone and see what the hype is all about. It seems like there is a bigger, better Android phone out every month so I thought I should wait. I began to see that a new HTC phone would be releasing that was even better than the Incredible.


Enter the HTC EVO 4G. This phone has it all and best of all it has a huge 4.3″ display. Sold!The HTC EVO for right now has everything but the kitchen sink in it. This phone is packed full of all the bells and whistles to make an Androidian very happy. I have heard nice reviews on the EVO and thought that this was the phone for me.

I have been watching podcasts and reading reviews on the EVO and studying the phone. Then the iPhone 4 was announced. After seeing what the new iPhone 4 has to offer I decided to hold off on buying the EVO.

Why? All of the reviews for the EVO have said the same thing over and over. The phone has poor battery life, no 4G yet, and the camera sticks out causing scratches on the lens. I hear the battery is horrible causing the user to find a power source at all times. The battery life is important to me. The camera I hear gets stuck in your pocket and is awkward. The lens sits flush with the surface you lay it on causing scratches and debris to get on the lens.

The EVO 4G is a great phone don’t get me wrong. I just think they could have held off on the release until they found a better battery and fixed the camera issues. HTC knew about this issues before they sold them. Steve Jobs admits that he may lack some new technology in his phones but he waits until they are up to standards before releasing. You can’t rush perfection.

Android and the iPhone

I do like a lot of the features on the Android phones that are lacking in the iPhone. The Interactive backgrounds are one thing I hope the iPhone will adopt one day. I also love the 4.3′ display on the EVO and I was truly hoping the iPhone 4 had a bigger display. I hear the bigger display is a little awkward to hold but it is better for typing and web browsing.

My Decision

Who would have thought that my final decision is to buy an iPhone 4. There are many who knock the iPhone and have never used one. Don’t knock it until you try it. They are quality phones and continue to get better just like the Android. Android phones they are improving and I may own one with my iPhone one day.

Cupidtino Beta is Launched

Are you looking for love and want to find someone that loves Apple as much as you do? Cupidtino Beta is up and running!


For those of you that don’t already know, Cupidtino is a dating site designed for Apple fanboys and fangirls (those who love their Apple gadgets). The site is specifically designed for Apple devices in order to log-in. If you are looking for a dating site with people who love Apple technology like you do then this is the place. If you drool over your iPhone or treat your Mac Book like your baby you will fit in. The site is like a simpler, cleaner Match or eHarmony but designed for a specific audience.

Signing Up

I signed up for Cupidtino and my profile is set. It took me a good 30-45 minutes to set up my profile. When you first log in (you can’t use your Apple account by the way) they ask you to add a photo. Then you can add additional profile photosfavorites, gadgets (coming soon), and details about you.

When you click the favorites (star-shaped) button you can set your favorite tunes, apps and movies using a search function. Not all of your favorites show up in the search results. A lot of my favorites were missing in the tunes and movies categories (such as Star Wars). When you set a favorite, a thumbnail of your selection with details is viewable for other members to see.

You can add photos of yourself that you want to be seen by members. I am not sure the maximum but I added 3 so far. One picture is set to the home page and additional pictures open on a tab. The addition pictures are viewable by a slide show. Cupidtino encourages photos of you holding your Apple device or you in the Apple Store.

The gadgets button is coming soon and will allow other members to view the current Apple gadgets you own. For now everyone seems to put there gadget list in their about me section. You can fill in sections like what I do for a living (to be able to afford Apple gadgets), about me, what I’m looking for and when I became a MAC (which has a funny Star Wars caption).

The site is still in Beta but I had a decent experience. The fanboys outweigh the fangirls by a landslide. There are currently 600 guys and 100 girl members. You can customize a search for function setting the age, location, gender and photos only to whom you are in search of. My results brought me around 57 female matches but they were world-wide. There are a few cuties on there so far.

The look of the site is similar to other Apple Web sites but nothing special. It is a simple white background with black font and some images. The search results show you a small thumbnail of the member and minor details. You click on the thumbnail for full details and extra photos.

My Opinion

For a Beta site it is not a bad start. Apple has a suggestion or feedback link that will allow you to help Apple develop the site. Just tell them what you like and don’t like or what you want to see.

I will be using Cupidtino regularly now since I am single and an Apple fanboy hoping to find my fangirl. If you are single, an Apple fan or maybe just lonely you should check it out. There is a lot of potential.

PC Users

I was on my PC trying to log-in to Cupidtino when a page loaded that announced “This site is designed exclusively for Apple fans, and can only be accessed using an Apple product (Mac, iPhone or iPad).  If you are using a PC you will see this page. The page also has the “I’m a PC”/ “I’m a Mac” ad characters and it says “Hello”….with a pic of the guys and “Thank you for checking out Cupidtino”.

Check it out – Cupidtino Home