American Eagle Free Smartphone Promo

American Eagle has an awesome new promotion going that will land you a free smartphone! If you try on a pair of jeans at an American Eagle store, you will receive a code from one of their employees to redeem for a free phone plus a $25 AE Money Card. The promotion is only for customers who try on jeans between July 21 – August 3. Read the AE Press Release here for more information.

The catch is that you have to sign-up for a two-year contract with one of the selected carriers. The carriers listed on the promotional website I visited were: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. I believe each state has different phones to chose from and different carriers. American Eagle claims there are 40 different phones to chose from including Blackberry and Android phones.

Note: The promotion may be different in each state. I only saw 5 different phones including: Motorola, LG and HTC phones on the website I visited. American Eagle claims to have 40 different phones to choose from including Blackberry. When you chose a phone they will ask you for your zip code to see if you have coverage in your area.

Featured Phones Available (*The website I visited)

*HTC Aria

*LG Ally

*Motorola Cliq XT with MOTOBLUR


*Motorola DEVOUR Silver

There may be more but I did not see them.

Visit the American Eagle Promo here

Browse through the models of available phones here


Ubiquity 0.6 is released

Firefox Extension Ubiquity Version 0.6 ( is available for download. The latest Ubiquity is now on AMO and compatible with Firefox 4 beta 1. It is a great extension with a lot of potential.


And just when you thought we were dead… Ubiquity 0.6! Now on AMO and compatible with Firefox 4 beta 1!

What is Ubiquity?

Ubiquity is an experimental Firefox extension that gives you a powerful new way to interact with the Web. This extension allows for the use of dynamic commands in Firefox.

Download the Firefox add-on here

Best Buy now offers Broadband Service

You can now purchase wireless broadband service from Best Buy. Best Buy launched Best Buy Connect which offers plans starting at $30 per month. Choose between a one-year, two-year or contract-free plan. With a 2 year agreement you will get up to $275 subsidy towards the purchase of a new laptop through Best Buy. Best Buy offers buyers different amounts of subsidy based on the length of the plans.

What is Best Buy Connect?

Best Buy Connect is a mobile broadband service provider built with the customer in mind.  We offer flexible mobile broadband options that let you connect to the Internet from practically anywhere.  Using Best Buy Connect’s mobile broadband service, you can browse the Internet, access files and send e-mail when you are on the go. We’ll activate your service and keep you connected with personal help and specialized support.

Best Buy Connect Plans Chart

For more information on Best Buy Connect click here

Twitter Earlybird Deals

Twitter has launched a new feature called @earlybird. This new feature will help you save money with online deals and events. Twitter will retweet exclusive offers from advertising partners only for the Twitter Community. To view and take advantage of these deals you will have to follow @earlybird on Twitter.

What is @earlybird?

Twitter @earlybird Exclusive Offers are special time-bound deals, sneak-peeks, and events that are promoted by the official Twitter @earlybird account. We partner with select advertisers and retweet offers that they have crafted only for the Twitter community. Our advertising partners determine the terms of the offer, including availability, amount, and price. As with other forms of advertising from Twitter, we are focused on bringing value to our users and will keep your interests in mind as we develop this program.

For more information on @earlybird click here

Follow Twitter @earlybird here or

Borders new eBook Store is here

Back in early June, Borders announced they would be launching a new eBook Store. On Wednesday, Borders finally launched their new Borders eBook Store. Borders claims to have 1.5 million electronic book titles to chose from which is more than Amazon and Barnes & Nobel has to offer.

Borders claims that only 5% of their sales were made online. Borders is losing the eBook race and they hope that their new eBook Store will help boost their online sales and put them back in the race. With a larger selection of eBooks to chose from, Borders could make a comeback.

Visit Borders eBook Store Web site here

Browse Borders Kobo eReader and more here

Dismal Sales Killed Microsoft KIN

Did you know that Verizon had Microsoft’s KIN phones for sale a few months ago? No….well neither did the rest of America! It is rumored that Verizon only sold just over 500 KIN phones. There are other reports that KIN sales were greater than 1000. Either way that is horrible! As you know Microsoft has already eliminated the KIN. Microsoft’s is now focusing on making the Windows Phone a success.

Do you think the release of the iPhone 4, the EVO 4G and the upcoming release of the Droid X sold at Verizon had something to do with the poor sales? The KIN was supposed to attract the younger crowd that wants to share their experiences and thoughts via social networks. I guess a few teens actually fell for KIN’s ads on television and just had to have one. The rest of the teens are saving up their allowance and eagerly waiting for the new Droid.

Maybe Microsoft can sell all those leftover KIN phones to BP so they can fill in the giant failure hole spewing oil. By this time next year National Geographic will have pictures of kids in Third World Countries using the KIN as a play toy.

Sony cuts eReader prices

Sony dropped prices on their entire line of eReaders. Save between $20-$50 depending on which Edition you buy. The price cuts come after Amazon dropped prices on the Kindle and after other popular eReaders are starting to see a decreases in prices. There are a lot of competitors and pricing is crucial. I expect to see more price cuts when we get closer to Christmas and the Holidays.

Sony eReader Editions:

Pocket – $149  (-$20 cheaper)

Touch – $169  (-$30 cheaper)

Daily – $299  (-$50 cheaper)