The New iPad (iPad HD or iPad 3) – 3rd Party Smart Covers Not Working

Not so Smart Covers

You may see replica iPad  smart covers to buy on eBay or other web sites. Although they say “iPad 3 smart covers” in the headline and in the picture, many do not work with your new iPad. The auction on eBay I won claimed the “iPad 3 smart cover will allow my new iPad to sleep and wake up” as normal with smart covers for the iPad 1 and 2. That did not happen. They are cheap compared to Apple’s own original smart covers so you may think it’s a deal but save your money until you find out more information.

There are smart covers that do work and many more will be coming soon once the polarity change is fixed. This is a known issue with many iPad cases also. Wait for the updated cases. I saw on Amazon where a few iPad cases specifically said they were made for the new iPad yet in the feedback customers said they did not work.

The reason the older 3rd party smart covers do not work is because Apple decided to use a polarity sensitive switch in the new iPad which is not found on the 1st or 2nd gen iPad. Apple’s smart covers will work fine. The 3rd party makers had no idea about the polarity change and most smart covers will not work. The smart covers will work on older iPads.

If you are going to buy an Apple smart cover for your “new iPad” and want to save some money by buying a replica smart cover then be sure to:

  • Ask the seller if these are the newer smart covers updated to work with the new iPad
  • Make sure there is a return policy or refund policy
  • Check the feedback on the seller’s history and make sure others are not marking the item as “not working” and giving negative feedback


Above: actual feedback left for an “iPad 3 case” left on Amazon

The new iPad is amazing and I love mine. Enjoy your new iPad and happy shopping.


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