Is the New iPad worth the extra $100 over the iPad 2?

The New iPad vs the iPad 2


“Is the new iPad worth spending $100 more for or should I buy the iPad 2 and save money?” I see this question frequently and I have been asked this questions a few times. My answer is YES, spend the extra $100. The new iPad and Retina display are truly amazing. If you are not into HD (Retina) and don’t care about photos or gaming then go with the iPad 2. But also remember when 4G LTE is in your area you will not be able to access it using the iPad 2. Also AT&T may be offering free hotspot using the new iPad and Verizon already does. Some people are already getting faster 3G/4G speeds that are faster than their Wi-Fi at home on the new iPad.

Once you take a photo using the new iPad you will see why the Retina display and better picture quality are worth it. The photos look crisper, clearer and more vibrant. The colors are better than the iPad 2 and videos look much improved. If you thought retina was awesome on your iPhone then wait until you see it on an iPad!

The heating issue is no big deal and mine never gets hot so far. The battery lasts as long as described. My smart cover made for an iPad 2 does not work on the new iPad see why HERE. Touch response, swipes and gestures are snappy and very responsive. It just feels fast and feels like a new device. I use my iPhone 3GS a lot and after using the iPhone for so long and then using my new iPad it is like using a dial-up Windows Vista PC and then getting broadband on a new Mac.

I won’t go into specs or details on cameras and pixels….etc but trust me it is a huge improvement over the iPad 2. I have 20/18 vision and I’m an HD junkie so anything HD I have to have. By the way I bought the new Apple TV also but the 1080p is not all that noticeable but it is still a must have if you own a newer  iPad or iPhone. The mirroring feature is great. Some games take advantage of the full screen on your HDTV and I’m sure more full screen games are coming. Plus I am sure there will be great software updates and more features to the Apple TV soon.


To sum it up…… The New iPad is a BUY!


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